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Build trading algorithms for any asset

Blankly is the first framework to enable developers to backtest, paper trade, and go live across exchanges without modifying a single line of trading logic on stocks, crypto, and forex.

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Get started in literally seconds

We've made it as easy as possible to get up and running. Just run:

$ pip install blankly

$ blankly init binance # or ftx, alpaca, kucoin...

Now check out our documentation and join our discord for next steps.

One package for all trading needs across Web2 and Web3

Every model needs to figure out how to buy and sell. We make it super easy for you so you can focus on building better trading algos. Your models can run on any platform, and on any supported exchange. We make that as easy as just changing one line of code.


Quickly & accurately simulate your models over time.

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Paper Trade

Combine live price feeds with an accurate account engine

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Cross Exchange

Optimize across exchanges, asset types & markets

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Custom Data

Test on anything from tick data to fundamentals

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Integrated Websockets

Connect to any supported websocket in two lines

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Live deployment

Take your backtested strategy live in one line (for free)

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And many many more: We're building out data connectors, futures support, vectorized backtests, portfolio analysis, and more.

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Trusted by developers from all around the world

Whether you're building the next big algo or just dipping your toes in, we got you covered. Forever.

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"What I enjoy most about Blankly is how quickly I can go from an idea to backtesting to then executing on it in live or paper trading. Prior to Blankly, my workflow was disorganized, spanning various notebooks and helper code. With Blankly, I don't have to worry about how to put something into production - just flip a parameter and get going."

- Stefan Hermaneck

Instead of spending months building and testing my own trading engine, I installed the Blankly package and had a trend-following strategy up-and-running within a matter of hours. I was able to use that time to focus on what matters: researching, testing, and iterating on strategies. Additionally, since the package is open source I am able to dig through the code to verify it is performing as expected, or add new features so it fits my specific needs.

- Jake Kalish

  • "This is a incredible piece of work, the website is beautiful, very clear docs, the code is nice and modular. takes the nitty gritty bits out of making algos."

  • This is impressive. Really great work, I love the compatibility with multiple exchanges and the overall structure. Can't even praise the backtesting feature enough. I'm currently diving into the docs to really learn it and hopefully apply to my own strategy.

  • Holy ****, really Nice project!


Build / Backtest / Deploy

The Blankly Approach

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Build trading algorithms using a package that is actively maintained, open sourced. It takes minutes to start instead of months. Backtest, paper trade, and go live. Check out this YouTube video of a crypto trading bot in less than 25 lines.


Simplify and automate the backtesting process. Leverage the wealth of results to transform your algo trading development. Use powerful visualization and metrics across your backtests without having to change your code.


Deploy live in one line using our platform. Manage all your deployed trading projects all in one streamlined platform. Seamless cloud deployment and monitoring for all your trading strategies. We integrate directly with your local code and the cloud.

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It's super easy to get up and running and building your own money-making model in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

Why did you create Blankly?
Blankly started out of our own struggles building programmatic trading algorithms. It took us months to just gather the data needed, another month to build the model, and another few months just to figure out how to deploy it. With Blankly, we take that process and make it just a few lines of code. We want to make what we've learned over time and make it available for everyone.
Is Blankly Open-Sourced?
Yes, all of Blankly is open-sourced, definitely check out our Github and submit a PR. We're continuously making more and more improvements as we go. We are the first to support live exchanges as we build out more exchange connections. So definitely check out our github for the latest updates and releases.
What can you do with Blankly?
We're making it super easy for you to build one trading bot that runs LIVE on any exchange. We give you the tools and the ability not only to trade, but also backtest your model and optimize for you to make the best models out there. We're not trying to sell you our specific trading bot. Check out this YouTube Video for an example
So is this just connecting multiple APIs?
We started out just doing that: making it easy to connect to Coinbase Pro and Binance. We soon expanded to multiple assets and exchanges. However, Blankly really shines not just in trade execution, but also model backtesting in one line, with custom data, and deploying to optimized cloud infrastructure. We're streamlinining the entire workflow, and not just the trading.
How do I get started?
All you have to do is install our package and check out our getting started docs! It's as simple as that. Easily run backtests on our Blankly Platform for free (Join the Waitlist).
Can I integrate an existing model?
Yes, Blankly allows for easy and quick iteration. I built a genetic algorithm to trade stocks in the past and integrated it with Blankly within minutes. We make it super easy to integrate for any exchange.